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asian tuna patties

Asian Tuna Patties:

Today we are making Asian Tuna Patties because this is my favorite dish  and delicious, fast and a tasty recipe. And another great thing about this recipe is that it does not take a lot of time in cooking. We can cook it just in few minutes.

And there are also different ways to eat this recipe. Then everyone who tried this dish asked me for the complete recipe of this delicious dish.

And now I am describing all the ingredients and directions in below lines;

Ingredients for the Asian Tuna Patties:

First of all, take 2 cans of drained and also flaked tuna (5 ounces) and 1 beaten egg.

Then take the ¾ cup of dry bread crumbs and 3 green minced onion.

And we also need 1 clove of minced and peeled garlic and 1 Tbsp of Soy sauce.

Then 1 Tbsp of teriyaki sauce and 1 Tbsp of ketchup.

1 Tbsp of sesame oil and 1 Tsp of black pepper.

And in the last, ½ cup of cornmeal and 2 Tbsp of vegetable oil.

Directions for the Asian Tuna Patties:

Step 1: First of all, take a large bowl and then in that large bowl mix up the egg, tuna, bread crumbs, garlic and green onions. And then stir the teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, sesame oil, and pepper in the mixture of above ingredients. Make this mixture into the almost 6 patties and it should be 1 inch thick. After this, without due consideration spray on the each patty with cornmeal on all sides.

Chicken Corn Patties3

 Step 2: In this step, heat up the oil over a medium heat. After this, sauté every patty for about 5 minutes on each side, until it becomes brown.

Why is Asian Tuna Patties my favorite?

This Asian Tuna Patties is my favorite dish because it is very tasty and delicious recipe. And it does not take a lot of time to prepare it. I use to make this recipe on every Sunday and my whole family likes this dish very much. And they all insist me to cook it again and again because the taste of this dish is really great and delicious. And whenever there is a party or any special event in my home then my friends become mad and request me to prepare this recipe in my home for this special occasion. If you try this recipe, I hope you will also like this recipe and your family too.

Reviews of people about my recipe:


Delicious!!! Great recipe…. I like it..


Appetizing!! I love this recipe….. I made it last Thursday and my hubby liked it very much and my little child also liked it…. That’s why I love this and thanks for giving me such a nice recipe.

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