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Banana cheese pie

Banana Cheese Pie:

Banana Cheese Pie is one of my favorite recipes. Banana cheese recipe are very delicious, tasty and easy to make love it.

 I remember that when I was in college, I and my classmates were asked to prepare or bring one of our favorite dishes to college. Our college professors wanted to take a click of us and hang on the notice board. Then I brought an envelope of cream cheese. And I remember that none of my classmates brought anything. That’s why I hung on that board for around two semesters of my session. There were only two things on the board me and my cream cheese. That’s why I love this stuff.

Banana cheese pie

Actually, I am not a banana lover. Since my father loves this cream pie, I had to prepare it in a new style that both of us enjoyed it equally. I made this cheese pie recipe for him on Father’s Day. He liked this very much and all of his family also liked it. From that day, I love this recipe. And if you make it in your home, I am confident that you will also enjoy it and this will become your favorite dish.

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Ingredients which we may need:

1: Graham cracker crust 1 piece.

2: 1 package of softened cream cheese (8 ounces).

3: 1 can of condensed milk (14 ounces).

4: ½ Cup of lemon juice is needed.

5:  Vanilla extract (1 tablespoon is needed).

6:  3-4 sliced bananas in medium size.

Instructions for Banana Cheese Pie Recipe:

1: First of all, take a large mixer bowl. After this, beat the cream cheese into it until it becomes fluffy.

2: After this, step by step beat it in the condensed milk until it becomes soft.

3: Then, blend it in the vanilla and lemon juice. And then put a line in the crust with the help of sliced bananas.

4: And then, pour the creamy filling over the sliced bananas until it covers them.

5: Then, chill it for almost 3 hours or until it sets its position and lay down on the bananas.

6: And before serving, you should remember that arrange the remaining slices of bananas on the top of the cheese cream pie.

7: And in last, refrigerate it in any scraps. And enjoy it.

Banana Cheese Pie is My Beloved Recipe Why?

Banana cheese cream pie is my beloved because it is very easy to make and it is very tasty and delicious. And the thing is that its ingredients are not expensive and are easily available from common general stores. I use to make it in every Sunday morning and eat it for breakfast. My whole family like this very much. That’s why Banana cheese pie is my favorite recipe.

Reviews of people about this:

Banana cheese pie


Yummy Delicious Amazing!  There were no scraps in my home so I brought a graham cracker crumbs box and I used 1 box of banana pudding instead of 2 boxes of its. And likewise, I used 1 box of French vanilla. Then, I followed all the instructions as given above. But I used more bananas from the recipe’s instructions because my family loves bananas. And after this, it was very amazing and my husband said that it is a yummy dessert!


This was very good and very very easy to make. I and my whole family liked it very much.


Excellent pie! I have made it twice and both times I received good comments. My family really enjoyed it.

John ( chef ):

Pretty good.

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