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cottage cheese spinach chicken

Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken:

Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken is a delicious recipe. And the great thing about this recipe is that it does not consume a lot of time in cooking it. If we cook it in butter then it gives a very delicious taste and the way of cooking it is very easy. I got this full recipe from my best friend. She uses to cook this recipe in her home.

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Once she invited me to a party in her home and I tasted this recipe for the first time in her home. Then I was mad about this dish and I asked her to give me the full recipe of this dish. So she did so and I tried it for many times and now I am an expert of this recipe. And I use to make it on every weekend in my home and all of my family members like to eat this with a great relish.

cottage cheese spinach chicken

Now I am describing all the ingredient and directions about this recipe in below lines;

Ingredients for the Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken:

  • First of all, take 1 package of frozen spinach, chopped and thawed and ½ chopped yellow onion.
  • After this, take 1 cup of cottage cheese and 4 breast halves of boneless and skinless chicken.
  • Then take 2 Tbsp of Cajun style seasoning and 2 Tbsp of butter melted.

Directions for the Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken:

Step 1: First of all, prepare an oven up to 175 degrees C.

Step 2: In this step, press the excess water out from the thawed spinach. After this take a large bowl and in that large bowl, mix up the spinach with the onion and cottage cheese and then set it aside.

Step 3: After this, spice out the chicken breasts with the Cajun style seasoning. And then place the ¼ mixture of cheese or spinach in the center of each of breast and fold it in half of it. After this, make secure it with toothpicks and then put them in a lightly greased baking dish of 9 x 13 inches in size.

Step 4: Sprinkle it with melted butter and cook it at 175 degrees C for about 25 minutes. Or cook until the chicken is cooked.

cottage cheese spinach chicken

Why is Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken the best dish?

The cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken is the best dish because it is very delicious in taste. And it also does not consume a lot of time in cooking. The great thing about it is that the ingredients which we use in this dish are very common. And these ingredients are easily available in our kitchen and even in our super stores of our cities. I use to cook this delicious dish on every Sunday in my home. And my whole family likes to eat this with a great relish. I also suggest you cook this recipe at least once in your home and I hope you will also like it very much.

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